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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this course intended for?

Physicians only. Physicians need to take the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam to obtain their Texas Medical license to practice in the state. Nurses and Physician Assistants take a different exam and this course may not be as high yield for them.

How long is the course valid?

The course is valid for two months from the date of purchase. To protect our existing users, you must contact customer service ( in order to extend your account. Any extension costs $50 for 30 days, plus as a bonus, you get 8 hrs of CME.

Can I just use this course to pass the exam?

This is our intention. The material was taken from several sources and vastly condensed. Due to the low price of our course, some candidates use our review in conjunction with others. However, just using our review covers the high yield facts and saves hours of time (and some pretty dry reading!).

What exactly is provided when I purchase for $95?

1) Our online review (Free Online Sample)
This is a "down and dirty" efficient audio-visual lecture created from all existing study materials with a twist of humor and entertainment. We have taken heavy feedback from those who have successfully passed the exam and minimized the "nice to know" material. We are continuously working to update our material to keep it pertinent for the actual exam.

2) Multiple sample quizzes (Free Quiz Sample)
You will also receive the largest existing online database of questions to nail down certain concepts. These quizzes are part of the course and are included with your purchase price. We are continuously adding new questions to mimic the actual exam.

3) Downloadable "help sheets" and newsletters
These continuously monitored documents contain high yield facts tailored specifically for passing the exam.
Why not study in the comfort of your own home, save a tree, and keep your sanity by not having to read boring (and often outdated) material!

4) The odds are in your favor. A 99% pass rate because we have updated our original course numerous times to include the recommendations of over 17,000 physicians who have very recently passed the exam! We are so confident that you will pass using only our course that we will give you 100% refund if you fail the examination!

5) CME.

Why should I purchase this review instead of other products?

Because our review is:

1) Constantly updated
  • Many existing question banks/sources are horribly outdated
  • We receive constant feedback from those who have successfully passed the exam and we update our course WEEKLY!
2) Efficient
  • Our online audio-visual lecture may be completed in 2 hours from the comfort of your own home
  • After the lecture, fine tune your knowledge with multiple practice questions and downloadable "help sheets" which mimic the actual exam
  • Instant access after purchase - no need to wait for materials to come in the mail
  • Other sources are several hundred pages long, wordy, and often provide incorrect information (but they are a good cure for insomnia!)
3) Comprehensive
  • We have created our review from all existing study materials
  • We have received input from your colleagues who have passed
  • We feel we have found the perfect balance of "comprehensive" while weeding out the "nice to know" material
4) Cheap
  • We are the cheapest online review that exists
  • For only $95 you receive a comprehensive (yet efficient) online review, hundreds of practice questions, and downloadable "help sheets"
  • Have leftover money to buy another review (or go buy a beer!)
5) Successful
  • We know you will pass
  • Currently we have a 99% pass rate amongst several hundred physicians who have contributed through positive and negative feedback which we have incorporated to make the course even better for you!
  • Contact us if you fail. We can learn from your experience and will consider a money back guarantee on a case by case basis.
6) Fun
  • We can't make this into the "Tonight Show" but we can keep you awake
  • Jerry's accent alone is entertaining
7) Saves a tree
  • Go green!
  • Keep your sanity by not having to read torturous manuals!

Do the online study materials are updated to reflect the latest changes?

Yes. We update the materials (lecture and questions) weekly to match the exam.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We are so confident that you will pass using only our course that we will give you 100% refund if you fail the examination! Remember, you have three attempts to attain a score of 75 or better (with the same registration fee). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you fail after three attempts. Provide us proof of failure and we could use your feedback to improve our course.

Are you officially endorsed by the TSBME?

No. The Texas Medical Board is not in a position to officially endorse any of the currently existing study materials.

Do you offer CME credit?

Yes, we utilize an outside accreditation agency to provide CME for this course at a discounted rate. Our course is accredited to offer up to 8 hours of AMA PRA Category I CME with the specific designation for Ethics and Professional Responsibility. This means our course is recognized by the TMB and meets the TMB's licensure CME Ethics requirements and may also be used to meet other requirements that specify CME credit should be in designated areas of Ethics or Professional Responsibility.

Why is Sudip so good looking?

Lots of botox and hair gel!

How can I get an accent like Jerry's?

Immerse yourself in Texas. He's a lot smarter than he sounds!

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