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Customer Feedback 
Customer Feedback
 "I'm a radiologist applying for my Texas license. Your course was great. It was as entertaining as could be and my 98% score shows that it works. I had some problems before my test and I sent an email. Not only did I get an email reply within hours, but the phone was answered by a real person who helped me solve my Apple problem. Your suggestions: both how to study and what to study were real helpful. I did the two week time period but one of my partners bought the test for a two day crash course and still passed with 83%."

 "My sister and I both used your and your partner's review course . Thanks so much for making us laugh while studying. You two are the cutest!! We literally laughed out loud and found your course to be well put together, easy to follow (though packed). It was useful for the exam and actually good information to review even in general. Who knew there are so many ways to commit misdemeanors in medicine! Continue your great philanthropic work. You've inspired me to continue my locums work at the VA."

 "If you're really tight on money and have no money in your bank account you can stick to a cheaper book .... but c'mon, we are all docs. Well worth the cost! Saved hours of time and headache."

 "This review was funny and made it easier to get through the material."

 "Don't have to waste time with boring dry book if you use this course."

 "Can listen to this while doing other things like working out!"

 "Saved so much time with this online course with the highlighted red text. I love how you take customer feedback and incorporate it in your review so we can ace our test."

 "The book was cheaper but too good to be true. I failed and needed to go to this online course. It's actually a pretty tricky exam, but your tips in red text were great!"

 "More entertaining than a book, plus I can do it while I work out or drive."

 "I just met my ethics CME requirement and knocked out 2 birds with 1 stone!"

 "This online course is MUCH better than the other sources. Plus I can tell you updated the content within the last month."

 "This course was custom tailored for every question on the actual exam."

 "This course saved me hours of time! Definitely the preferred course of the generation!"

 "I know potential customers may be thinking, "are these fake reviews or what? It sounds too good to be true." I don't write reviews; but after taking the exam, I could not help but give you feedback. Info for EVERY question on the exam was found in your material. Honestly, It isn't even close- I have never taken a review course or used a review book that was so excellent. I spent 2 days, studied the material and did the practice quizzes once and made a 94 on the exam. For those thinking about how to prepare for the test, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER, YOU HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER!!"

 "You guys are the real deal!!!! I never write reviews but this time you really deserve people to know how good this review really is. I had intermittently read an electronic review book in the past months but thought it was quite superficial and incomplete. The night before the test, looking for some review questions, I stumbled upon your course and bought it because you claimed a guaranteed pass. I started at 10:30 pm, pulled an all nighter and by 6:30 am I was done. I had ONE night of study time and got a 96 plus 8 CME credits for $225!!! One of the best deals I have ever made. I hope everybody gets to try this before their test. Thank you very much!!"

 "Wow. I would have paid double for this. I started studying 5 days before the test (I know, I know) and used the lecture twice, the last three quizzes twice each, and I made a 94 on the test. This course is GOLD! It actually made studying in between shifts not only manageable, but actually enjoyable with how the information is presented. Thank you guys so much."

 "The worst part now is I will miss hearing your voices, jokes, obvious friendship, etc. It is clear you guys are buddies and have a lot of fun together. You look like you would be fun guys to hang with."

 "I want to thank you. I was anxious about this one. I am not a great test taker and from the MCAT on, standardized tests have been a challenge for me as I pursued my medical career. Doing your course not only prepared me well for the test, but it gave me a level of confidence where it did not become such a white knuckle experience that it took a lot out of me."

 "If folks do your review they should be rest assured that they will do well on the exam."

 "Thanks for an incredible, succinct and entertaining course! The exam was so easy after your review. I failed the first time due to the fact that the book was out of date and it was a waste of effort because it was not tailored for the actual exam."

 "Your course name should be "Texas Jurisprudence Made Ridiculously Simple" or something like that. I personally prefer this audio version over a dry book. I can multitask and listen at the same time."

 "Dear Gerald and Sudip - THANK YOU!!! I passed yesterday with a 92, using only your materials for review. I think it's accurate to say you did a damn good job of preparing me for this exam. You were a life-saver!"

 "Hey, just took my test this evening. I got 100%.I initially tried to read a Texas jurisprudence review. That was miserable. I then found your course and followed your instructions and that was much better. I listened to the lecture three complete times. I performed the quizzes two times each starting two weeks before my test date. Your review was spot on and I would not change anything about it. Thank you and keep up the excellent work."

 "This is a great course! I failed it the first time after purchasing a book that was clearly outdated (I read the book 4 times!!!). After taking this course I was able to ace the test. My score went from 73 to 94. With regards to question content everything you all have is high yield. Once again I thank you for this course and will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in going back to Texas."

 "Passed with 96% and an hour to spare. Questions were very similar to review (thanks!). Also briefly looked at the Kindle version of the Zerris review guide, which wasn't quite as high yield and had parts that were out of date. I did all the practice quizzes and watched the video twice. Your course made the test simple."

 "Great Review course! I failed 1st attempt with 72 points (needed 75) using only a review manual I got off Amazon. Then took your course and got 100%. Thanks again!"

 "I took the test today. I read your material twice, got 92. The questions here are on the dot. The ones in the real exam were kind of not really well-worded. All 50 Q were in this review. It should have been easy to get perfect if not, maybe, with my carelessness - few Q had choices that they deleted an important word which the examiner might find it wrong but probably not meant to be. Nevertheless, I would like to really thank you guys for this prep. I had an almost 350 page book that my husband bought for me a year ago that made me sleep every time I attempted to touch it. Never got to read it!"

 "I took my exam today, studied for two days, did your course once, quizzes once except 5 and 6 twice. Tried doing MCQ's at the end of UTMB/Texas jurisprudence prep book -- these were difficult and very ambiguous. However the test itself was quite easy. The material you provide is more than enough. No need to look to any other source. I finished it in 15 minutes and got 96%. Thank you!!"

 "I took my test today and want to share the good news with you, that I passed. I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job of simplifying the dry and boring material and making it easy to understand! You were right on many questions when you said "it's probably on the test" and it was! A special thanks to you for your prompt help in activating my account and for answering my questions!! You are an amazing team!! Keep up the great work! Once again, THANK YOU to all of you!"

 "I just took the jurisprudence exam and got a 90 on the first attempt. I finished in 25 minutes. Your course saved my life! I am so happy I could even kiss Dr Dumbfart!"

 "This course is EXCELLENT! I did everything you guys advised; took notes, took each quiz 3 times and reviewed the handouts. Every single thing that was emphasized was on the test. The power point review was EXTREMELY high yield. I finished my test in ~55 mins and scored a 100. I am definitely going to recommend this to not only my friends, but also my residency program. Well worth the money. I would even spend a little more given how good this only review course is. Thanks for everything!"

 "Watched the 2 hour and 45 minute course this afternoon starting at 2 pm. I took the test at 6 pm and passed with an 86. Your course is absolutely spot on - nothing on this particular exam that was not covered by the course. Well worth the price for busy professionals. Thanks for making it easy."

 "Excellent review course, you covered all of the material that I saw in the questions on the test this evening. I felt very comfortable answering almost every question because of the format of your review course and practice quizzes. I got a 98% on the test, thank you for the help in preparation. I was very worked up before taking the test and I was waiting to see new material, but you did a fantastic job of covering everything with very similar questions as I saw on the test."

 "I want to personally thank you guys for this great prep. I was so stressed out when I got the recommended book and tried studying it. The book was so dry that I had almost given up on the daunting task of taking this test. You guys got right to the point and made it fun to study again. The test was a breeze after studying your material. I finished in less than 20 minutes and scored a 90. Thanks again. The price for your study was well worth it."

 "I highly recommend this course. I studied the review fairly briefly, did the tests twice and got a 94%! This course is fun (as fun as this material can be) and very efficient. Definitely worth the money if you are a busy resident!"

 "Took the test a week ago. Used your study materials and questions and got a 90 percent! Great course! Questions were extremely useful."

 "Your review is awesome. Thank you so much. This review gave me the confidence to take the JP exam. I took the exam and passed with 84. I did the course once and quizzes 1-6 twice. Reviewed quizzes 4, 5 & 6 on the exam day. I strongly recommend this review for JP exam prep."

 "Great study prep. Studied a couple hours each day for 3 days and got a 94%. Questions on your quizzes were extremely helpful. Thanks."

 "Took the exam today and passed with a score of 90 on my first attempt. Your course actually succeeds in making a dry topic very interesting. Many thanks!"

 "I got a 96! The exam questions were similar to the practice questions you provided. Most of what was on the high yield review was in the exam content."

 "Ya'll score a home run with your amazing review for the JP exam! I took the exam today after 2 days study and scored a preliminary 94!! Your quiz questions prepared me well for the test. There was only 1 question that I wasn't familiar with the concepts. There were 4-5 exam questions that were difficult due to ambiguous wording - I knew the info but was unsure what THEY wanted for an answer as 2 of the foils were extremely close. Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!"

 "I passed the exam with an 88% on my first attempt. Would never have been able to do it without the review, quizzes and additional important info on the website. The quizzes prepared me well for how the questions would be worded. There were no topics on the exam that were not covered in the course. I appreciate your assistance in helping me jump through this hoop."

 "Just wanted to say right on, all the slides were high yield and on point to the test I made an 88, thanks."

 "The review hit all the points that I needed for the test. They are tricky on the wording sometimes, however your quiz #6 really helped."

 "Just took the test. Passed with an 86%. Minimal studying. Not difficult, but I couldn't have passed without your program. Thanks so much."

 "Just finished the exam. Your review hit the main points very well, I got a 90%. I panicked at the last minute and bought the 100 dollar review book which gave me more detail than I needed. Thanks for a great product."

 "Just did the exam today and passed. Your course is the only study material I used to prepare for the exam. The study material on the slide show was right on. You guys have really been able to condense the material to what is really asked on the test. Well worth the fee. You can study for this test in a couple of days with your prep course. Highly recommend."

 "I took my exam today and I passed with 84. Most of the questions were from the course. I did the course once, quizzes and did the 5th and 6th quiz twice. That is it."

 "After buying access to this online program about 2 weeks ago, watching your powerpoint presentation, and going through tests 6, 5, 4, and 3, I took the test today and received a preliminary score of 92%. Your program prepared me very well for the test."

 "I passed with a 90 last night. Your course was right on. Just about everything on the test was something you covered. Thanks."

 "Today I took the JP examination and passed with score of 86; studied for just 7 days very infrequently and casually; the exam was done within 30 minutes. On the whole your course is highly recommended for quicker preparation."

 "On the day of my JP exam, I watched the slide presentation, took quiz #6 and 1/4 of quiz #5, read over the newsletters on the way to the testing center and passed the test with a 90% score. Thanks for condensing this material down to the essentials. "

 "I just smashed the exam in under 30 minutes with a 94%. And all I studied was your stuff, nothing else. Great course, and great customer service!!"

 "I thought your approach was very low key, making a potentially stressful exam prep almost relaxing. I had no problems the first time through, passing with no trouble. I was very glad to have taken the practice quiz immediately before the exam, as it really got me ready for the real thing. Overall, a really good deal. "

 "Passed with a score of 94% only 2 1/2 days of prep. Your quizzes are THE BEST - appreciate it."

 "Scored 90 on the exam - overall your prep course is comprehensive enough to do well on the exam...thanks."

 "I am living in Australia with three kids, so I had one shot to take the exam. I wasn't planning on flying back in case I failed the first time. The review was very good in that is was exam-focused. The exam was easier than your quizzes and the content was very similar. I scored a 92, and would have been higher if I did not have to catch a flight. Thanks guys for the great review, best of luck to you both. "

 "Took the exam this morning and passed with 90% after going over the course material for just a couple of days."

 "This course is the only thing you need to pass, don't waste your money on other study material unless you want to change fields and go to law school to become a medical attorney. Thanks!"

 "I only missed 3 questions out of 50 with this course alone, and probably because of poorly worded questions, not lack of knowledge."

 "I did not buy the study guide, and only used this course and passed the test today. You have to study or you will fail the test, this course makes it much easier to study and get a better score. I am not a very good test taker usually, and I got a 94%."

 "The course was very helpful. I took the test this morning and passed with score of 86. Before registering for the course, I thought I would need the whole month to go through the dry law book. However, with the course, I registered for the test 2 weeks ago and only started to study about 1 week ago. Thank you. "

 "I purchased the Texas Jurisprudence Prep Saturday night and took the exam the following Wednesday. I scored 90. You do not need any additional material other than the prep. It is a time and money saver. Thanks!"

 "Excellent review. The real test was like doing your practice tests. I read part of the big board book but your review was much better for study purposes. I scored 96 on my first attempt. Thank you!"

 "Completed the test in 50 minutes with an 86 score. When first testing with you my score on Quiz #6 was 80, #5 was 78 and #4 was 70. After hearing your course twice scores increased to 90 for #6. 100 for #5 and 88 for #4."

 "Your web based tests were more than adequate and I will recommend you to my friends."

 "This is to inform you that I sat for the JP exam 10/2/10 and I passed with a 94% score thanks to your very high yield web based prep."

 "Great product that got the job done."

 "Finished taking the JP exam 10/23/10 - 92%. I am an EM resident year 3, with limited time to study. Prep time 3 days. 2 days actual studies, 1 day decompress/nail down details, then took the exam day 4. Listened to the slide show once slowly. Read the slide show 2-3 times. Went through quizzes multiples times (till I averaged 95-100%). Made flash cards out of criminal penalties. Probably over prepared, questions I missed were more due to poorly worded questions than to lack of knowledge of material."

 "I passed the exam on first attempt this morning, and I studied no other materials. Exam 6 was very helpful."

 "Information in the slides and review exams were all high yield. Thanks."

 "With not much effort and very little time this course made it easy to understand the legal aspects and to pass with a good grade. I reviewed 2 times and did the last 2 tests and obtained 84%. "

 "Made an 88, and felt very confident. It is a wonderful course. "

 "Your course gives a perfect texture to the voluminous written material by highlighting the important areas. Plus "hearing - aided by visual cues" is a very powerful way of learning, your style of presenting is friendly and lightens up the whole ordeal."

 "Thanks Docs! We studied ALL suggested written material AND your course for the JP exam and passed with very high scores (as usual my wife got higher scores than me). We probably would have comfortably passed it if we had just studied your course."

 "I just wanted to let you guys know what a great course this was. I just took my test today and passed with a 90. The only study guide I used was your course and it was spot on. Basically everything on the test was covered by your review. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know that is taking the JP exam. Thanks again! "

 "Thanks for the assistance. I just took my exam and passed with a 92. The only material I used was your course. It was extremely well put together and considering I had zero knowledge or interest about Texas Jurisprudence before the course, y'all were the reason I passed."

 "Sudip and Jerry, the course was excellent. I passed my exam with just the high yield material with no other books to review. You guys covered all the topics that were on the exam. I would recommend it to everybody who plans to write the JP exam. Thanks a lot guys."

 "I really liked that it was just High Yield info, but everything I needed was part of the course! I just passed, so THANKS!! "

 "Just got done today - got 94%. Your review is awesome. Read the material for 10 days off and on with a full-time job, went over all the sample quizzes and slides twice. Everything on the test was there on your quizzes, especially 5 and 6. I do not think anyone should have a problem passing the test with your review material."

 "Excellent course! I scored 90 by using only your JP Prep course. Everything in the exam is covered by your high yield review and MCQs (multiple choice questions). Will highly recommend this course to anyone planning to take the exam. Thank You!"

 "I signed up for the course on a Tuesday evening and took the exam on Saturday. The course was well worth the price. I did not use anything besides the online prep, the questions, and study sheets/charts. Quiz 5 and 6 were the most helpful. If you can pass those quizzes, you will do fine on the test. All the material covered is all that you need to do well on the actual exam. I watched the online prep once, did quiz 1-4 twice, and quiz 5 and 6 slowly 2 times. On Friday, I did quiz 5 and 6 a third time and reviewed the study sheets/charts 3 times."

 "This is a gem of a study aid. My test review consisted solely of doing this program (the lectures and Quizzes 5 and 6) for a total of 6 hours on the day of my exam. I passed with a 90!"

 "I just passed my JP exam with a 94 after using your review! Thanks! Your review is great - I just went through the lecture twice and the quizzes once over the weekend and was well prepared."

 "I thought I needed at least 2 weeks until I found you guys. Passed with 92 - first time, after only 4 days of serious browsing though your review and quizzes. Thanks a lot - about 90% of questions were from your tests."

 "Precise review. Loved it. Could not imagine myself working through that fat dry book with all the legal mumbo jumbo - frankly I could have gone insane."

 "Honestly I did not have any help except you guys for my JP Exam preparation. I really appreciate your help."

 "Thanks a lot. Just took the test and passed with 92%. Your course is what actually gave me a better understanding of the syllabus. It covered all aspects of the exam. I had those blue slides in my mind each time a question popped up and of course I knew the answer. Advice - do not memorize, understand the concepts. Good luck."

 "This is just to say thank you for the review. I took the exam and passed without any problem. The questions were all reviewed in your presentation, newsletter and other supplements. I did not see any question that was not covered by your review. I will definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues taking the Texas Jurisprudence exam."

 "I followed the Rx of the good doctors, and passed the exam with a score of 90%, despite the fact that I am a poor test taker!"

 "Excellent, concise review."

 "For two months I was just looking at the book and feeling depressed. Too big of a book and too much info that I need to upload that isn't medical so I found this website, I registered Wednesday 8/18 afternoon, listened to the lectures, did the quizzes, on Friday 8/20 I passed with 84."

 "Just finished the exam and passed easily using only your JP Prep course. I NEVER opened any review book. The High Yield review and especially Quizzes 5 & 6 were great. Cannot recommend this prep course highly enough. Saved me incredible time. Thank you."

 "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After weeks of pouring over Fulbright & Jaworski's 462 page manual and the associated 223 page study guide, my mind was spinning with legal jargon and fact after fact after fact. My first attempts at their practice exams one week ago were pretty dismal and I was in a panic. I found your site on the Texas Medical Board site and after reviewing the comments from your customers I bit the bullet and purchased the course. I just passed the exam 2 hours ago with a 92!!! Your course narrowed down the mountains of information and allowed me to really focus on the high yield info! (Also loved the humor in the slides!!! Prior to your course I could have used a dose of the "Fukitol"). Thanks!"

 "The prep was very helpful. I passed the test and I got 80 - the first shot. I would have never passed the test without this prep course."

 "Just writing to say thanks for an awesome review - just took the exam for the first time and got a 94%!!! A thousand gold stars to you guys for your notes and quizzes I was very pleased with your review and incredibly pleased with my results!"

 " Just took the test yesterday and passed with a 90. Would recommend this to others. The MCQs (multiple choice questions) test 5 and 6 were extremely helpful and the download sheet made life simple. All matters that came on the test were covered. Thank you"

 "Coming from out of state, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. A few years ago I remember a senior resident studying in the OR with a thick book for his TX jurisprudence exam instead of his written boards. In one week, I watched the review, did each exam twice, and ran through the review quickly a second time focusing on the phrases in red and I passed."

 "Just wanted to let you know I passed my JP exam with flying colors. There were no unexpected questions. Thank you."

 "I am happy to inform you that I have passed my exam with an 88%. This online course has made it fun and easier to understand the concepts of what is needed for this jurisprudence exam. The questions on the exam were very similar to the type of questions seen in practice exams 5 and 6."

 "I watched the review course once and took the practice exams twice each. I am going straight to to leave a review."

 "The focus is perfect, the time commitment is minimal, and 90% of the actual exam questions appeared verbatim on the prep's practice review test."

 "The review itself was BRILLIANT! I started reading the review material by the UTMB faculty and found it to be very dense with multiple trivial facts none of which appeared more relevant than the other. After 1 hour I was only 1/10 of the way through and not retaining much because I could not tell what to focus on."

 "Thanks so much for your high yield prep. It was spot on and the quizzes were extremely helpful. I scored a 90% on my first try! Future Texas MD's should look no further than your course."

 "Thanks for your helpful review. I am recommending it to everyone I come in contact with whether they are physicians or not."

 "I thought the course was very well done. I listened to the lecture and did all the quizzes. Then, I printed out the provided material and looked over it the morning of the exam. I scored a 92!! I spent about 10 hours total as some of the tests took a while to get through. The actual test was easy compared with your quizzes. I really enjoyed the humor in the lecture."

 "Thank you for a distilled version and entertaining study of the high yield juris prudence facts. I took the exam today. I apparently passed with a score of 88. Quizzes 5 and 6 were virtually a tougher version of the exam."

 "The sample tests were right on the money. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the two presenters on the audios for their humor and the ease with which they presented the material."

 "I was blessed to come across your program 2 weeks before my exam. I'm please to report that I was able to ace the exam and for that I credit you for putting together such an effective tool. The audios were superb; I listened to them 2x daily and made flash cards out of the summaries you gave."

 "Dear Drs. Bose and Delk - Thank you very much for the course you offered. It is very thorough and covered all the important material. I took the test yesterday and got 92% first time."

 "Overall course was very helpful, especially quizzes that help to memorize facts. I passed on first attempt."

 "I just took the exam and passed with a 92... I thought your course was great preparation for the exam -- the supplemental material you provided was very helpful and time-saving."

 "I purchased the prep, one week before the exam, went through the review slowly over two days, took quiz #5 & 6 (high-yield), half of #4 (lesser yield), and the worksheets. Took the exam today and passed with an 84!"

 "If anyone asks how "high yield" your course is, well I studied for one week, went through the lecture twice and did the sample quizzes three times. The result? I finished the exam in about forty minutes and scored 92%. Thanks again!"

 "Excellent review course for this exam! I could not have imagined trying to study without this course. Kudos to Sudip and Gerald for your polished website, terrific high-yield review presentation, and difficult quiz questions."

 "Great exam preparation. With two kids under 2 and working nights full time, I admit I couldn't make it through the lecture. However, I took each quiz 2-3 times and passed the exam easily on the first attempt. Thank you."

 "Passed exam yesterday (7/31/2010) with a 92! Very helpful review. Thanks guys."

 "All told, your review was excellent. I listened to the lecture and then took each of the quizzes once. I repeated quiz 5 and 6 quickly before taking the test and passed with flying colors."

 "Took the test today and passed (first attempt 90%). First of all thanks. Uncanny how similar the test was to the study material."

 "I took your course over the last week and a half, and got a 94 today on my exam. I took the course, then one quiz each day for six days, then took the course again. I reviewed the printouts at the end of the course a few times. I felt very prepared. Thank you! I will definitely recommend you to others."

 "It was a fun and easy way to prepare for the exam."

 "Thank you so much for this service! I just took the exam and passed with a 90%. The information provided through your wonderful on-line course highlighted the important and relevant information."

 "I'll refer anyone who has to take this test to come to this site for preparation - it was invaluable."

 "Great job with the website. Two passes through the lecture and two through the quiz bank and I scored a 94. The quizzes were pretty much dead-on in terms of the questions asked."

 "My exam was littered with these type of questions [(A) and (B), or (A) (B) (C), or (A) and (C)] and only because the Texas JurisprudencePrep team had my back in an awesome preparation was I able to successfully navigate the fine detail."

 "WOW! That update was right on in terms of addressing the areas I had questions on or that I felt I did not have a supreme handle upon. I passed the exam and am of course most pleased with my preparation."

 "I purchased your course last week and passed exam today with a 94%. No other resources used. Thank you so much for producing a very user friendly product that is concise yet detailed. The exam questions were particularly useful."

 "Thank you very much for the newsletter update. I will always remember your help for my very important exam."

 "I have passed my Texas Jurisprudence Exam with a score of 92. Thank you very much for your help during my preparation for the exam."

 "I passed the test with a 90, first time. The quizzes were extremely helpful and listening to the lectures once was all that was needed! Literally only takes a weekend to prepare for this test. Thanks for making a great website."

 "Took the test today and passed after 1 day of going though your material... it was a painful day, but just glad I don't have to take that test again... thanks so much for putting this together."

 "I bought a prep book and spent 10 days reading it. On completion, I realized I was more confused than when I started. Began your course on Thursday night and completed it on Friday night, focusing on the quizzes. Took the test Saturday morning and passed with flying colors."

 "You guys did a terrific job of telling me what I needed to know. I passed my test the very first attempt."

 "My only advice is for you to advertise fairly elaborately so that people get to know about your course."

 "I only did your course, including the memorization of all the dates and materials at the very end, answering the 6 tests multiple times, and doing the review a few times. The questions were very similar to the test. I did not touch that big huge book which seemed so scary."

 "I was initially hesitant to do your prep course, but when I searched to find any information to study, I found that all the books were out of print except there was one book on Ebay to bid on. Your practice tests made a difference - they really helped."

 "I just got back from taking my jurisprudence exam, and I have to say that your Prep Course Rocks! I signed up on Monday and read thru your material twice and took it today - Friday, and I passed with a 90 on the test!!"

 "I just took my exam today and passed with a 90 after only studying for a few days using your awesome prep course. Thanks a lot! I think the course covers the material really well."

 "I took my exam last Thursday and passed. I did the whole of your website once and the quiz 5 and 6 twice to pass the exams. No books. Good deal!"

 "I have passed with a 90% score. The course has been extremely helpful in preparation for the exam. All the important bullet points were clearly documented in the course. Furthermore, the touch of humor facilitated the learning process better."

 "Having never taken a purely on-line test, your prep course and practice questions were obviously very helpful."

 "Just wanted to tell you that your course worked like a charm. I was really pressed for time and only had a couple of weeks to prep. I used NO other prep materials and scored an 86%. Kudos to you guys ...your course is spot on!!"

 "Very easy and very productive. I recommend this to everybody. I passed in the first attempt with 88% and I attribute this success to this course."

 "This course was very useful. Very nicely organized. I liked this much better than those books."

 "Your course format is excellent, comprehensive, yet easy enough to do it and pass it. I must congratulate you for this wonderful course, you guys have formulated. "

 "I passed the test on the first attempt. It is a very long and tedious subject. After being in practice for some time, I realize there are a lot of important things I learned through this course."

 "Great job guys. Thanks again. I don't think I could have made it without you, and English is not my mother tongue."

 "Many questions were covered by your review. Good job guys. Please tell your customers to do all quizzes and review them."

 "Just finished the exam (first attempt) and I passed! Very happy! I read only your material. Got 86."

 "Thanks for your great help in making me successful in an extremely boring topic. There was not a single question in the exam that I had not done before during preparation in some way. Kudos to you guys."

 "The course is great - very high yield."

 "Your material was extremely high yield along with the multiple choice questions. I scored 88% on my first try. I studied your lecture set and MCQs as the main core material."

 "Thanks for the great prep course and blessing so many lives with the ability to pass this test. This feedback is my way of saying 'Thanks!'."

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